Racism and transmisogyny in aphobia

Time for my ass to make a public statement regarding ace and aro “discourse”…

And, as a disclaimer, I suggest you drop your white privilege on the door, and try and actually listen to my savage ass for a moment. You can pick up your privilege right after. But you really need to understand the value of listening to the voices of trans women of color.

Ready? Cool, please come in. Have something to drink, if you want, and take a seat. Ok? Here we go.

As a trans woman of color, I completely support ace and aro ppl, and this whole aphobic exclusionist bullshit has become a personal issue for me. Not only because I used to identify as ace for a while, but also specifically as a trans woman of color, because of the following.

Many white queers these days been sayin that ace and aro people is stealin resources from trans women of color, and that’s a real fucked up thing to say, if you isn’t a trans woman of color.
In my whole entire fucking life, targeted and persecuted and all that shit, not a single ace person has done shit to me, to the level y’all say they do. Not at any rate, to the level that white queers in general, including white trans people, have done and keep doing. Y’all steal from us, then blame aces and aros. Yo, fucking shit!

White queers, and especially white trans people in particular, love to use the pain, work, and tears, of trans women of color, for y’all’s own political points. Y’all be like “trans people is being murdered, listen to us”. Meanwhile trans women of color, the ones actually being murdered, keep on being used and abused and forgotten by y’all.

Ace exclusionism, in particular, was fucking developed by twerfs, it’s basically twerf rethoric 2.0, and using the pain of trans women of color to defend recycled twerf rethoric, that’s a special kind of super fucked up.

I don’t need no crackers whitesplaining my own pain and struggle to me, or to trans women of color in general. We dying, we starving, we being tortured and rounded up and shit, and white trans people use our pain to defend they racist bullshit? Nah, I ain’t here for this.

If white queers spent 10% of the time they spend doing this shit, actually helping trans women of color, then they wouldn’t need to claim this bullshit that ace ppl is stealin from trans women of color, because we’d be actually getting something, from all the shit y’all waste or keep for yourselves.

I’m looking at you, white cis gays, white cis bi or pan people, white trans women, white trans men, and white nonbinary people. Every single fucking one of you. Y’all need to fucking take a ride out of your beckiness for once.

If the shoe fits, then you should probably consider your privilege, think about how much you care about trans women of color, and stop using our pain to defend fucking bullshit. And you can also take a moment to think about how much you really care about dismantling the existing systems of oppression, if you still insist in hating ace and aro folx.

And yo, please stop sayin that this bullshit is about “cishet aces invading the lgbt community”, because it’s clearly not, just like transmisogyny ain’t never been about “males invading female spaces”. You see? It’s twerf rethoric 2.0, so drop it yo.

Cool, there’s your white privilege, know it well.

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