The only good nazi is a dead nazi

Just in case a reminder may be needed:

The only good nazi is a dead nazi.

And we must stand organized against that threat.

I ain’t saying nothing new, but I believe it is important that I say it nonetheless. If you allow white supremacists to organize, you’re enabling they terror and they hatred to grow and spread. If you give them a platform, even if you’re against them, you’re being complicit in they actions against marginalized people, and against whoever oppose them.

If this don’t apply to you, then take it just as a reminder. But if it does, then I encourage you to pay attention to what is happening. White supremacists was allowed to organize a rally, and they effectively enacted violence and terrorism.

Mainstream media acting surprised that white supremacists is being violent. But they’ve consistently allowed them a significant platform, whether in the form of debates or interviews, which they been using to spread they hatred, even if that platform be officially against them.

That need to change, but while the white establishment be too busy clinging to they own privilege, instead of listening to, say, trans women of color, and instead of giving a fuck about people of color in general, and I mean like, for real, then that ain’t gon happen. And somehow I can’t see that changing soon.

In the meantime, it’s up to each and all of us to permanently organize against white supremacy. Not doing so means allowing white supremacy itself to reign, for it can’t be passively hated: it must be incessantly and proactively combatted, by any means necessary, following indigenous and black leadership.

Anything short of that, and white supremacy wins. Don’t let that happen.

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