Pride, Inc.

Considering that my city been recently hosting “pride” events, I believe a post about queer issues may be in order, especially considering the experience I had a couple days ago.

These people organized an evening BBQ in a park, advertised it as a “safe space for indigenous and black queer people”, asked people to pre-register with an email address, “acknowledged” that they event would take in stolen indigenous land…

Yet the police, long time enemies of people of color, was either invited, or at least allowed, to take part in the organization of the event, literally controlling who’d get in or out of the park.

And, as I eventually learned, they was actually harassing queer people of color who was in the area, even if the space was supposed to be safe for them.

I simply cannot help but wonder what goes on the mind of white queer people who’s cool with the police in they spaces, when they literally have always harassed and targeted queer people, especially queer people of color of course, but even white queer people.

And they would do it again, if given the chance. History is not a linear progressive timeline, in which everything gets better, and if we don’t defend our rights, we fucking lose them. So why break bread with your enemies yo? Why welcome them into spaces that was literally created thanks to people who’s fought against them, resisted them, and persisted in spite of them?

Unless, of course, if you care more about your white privilege, than about the survival of queer people of color. And if that be the case, then you ain’t shit, and you don’t deserve the rights that trans women of color have incessantly kept fighting for.

Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Don’t fuck with the enemies of freedom, or they eventually gone come for you.

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