The efficiency of capitalism

You ever sit down and think about how much human potential get wasted because of capitalism, the supposedly efficient system that’s only good for fucking up absolutely everything?

How much art is not created because talented people have to work 2 or even 3 shifts, just to pay rent and eat dumpster food? Or because people can’t get education? Or because people literally die from preventable diseases?

How much the advance of science and technology is slowed, or even nullified, because the people with the big money don’t wanna allow for science to grow, for technologies to be created and developed. Cures for diseases, more efficient transportation, better medicines, all that jazz?

Humanity has so much potential, so much talent, and yet we waste it destroying the land, killing each other, and letting people die because we poor. I’m tired of it.

I wanna see a world where we can share, where differences ain’t ignored but celebrated, and where capitalists and white supremacists die, so that they stop wasting oxygen and human beings. Otherwise, to put it simply, we’re utterly fucked.

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