Love can’t “trump hate” if it excuse inaction

According to a lot of people, love be “all you need”. Love be important, of course. But, in many cases, this be used as an excuse not to oppose genocide and oppression, because “everybody need love”, apparently, including the ones who destroy people for existing, and opposing them is “being as bad as them” somehow.

But, is that what love is about? Inaction and complacency in the face of injustice? Letting people destroy you, or destroy them who be more vulnerable than you, just because you wanna show love to the haters, or whatever excuse you wanna make?

Honestly, that bullshit about putting the other cheek, or about being “pacifist” or whatever, is just helping people carry out genocide. You can’t stop the perpetrators, or potential perpetrators, of genocide, by allowing them to kill they targets.

That’s not love, but the total opposite. Is caring more about your own “ideals” of pacifism and non-violence, than about human beings who’s targeted just for existing. Those who perpetrate oppresion and genocide, they ain’t gone run to your arms and drop they weapons suddenly.

Granted, it may be more comfortable not having to proactively oppose them, that’s for sure, but that isn’t what love is about.

If you love humanity, if you love others, if there’s love in your heart, then that’s extremely important, of course. If there actually be love in you, then show it by helping protect those more vulnerable than you, those who really need your love.

The genocidal fuckers, on their end, already make a pacifist resolution impossible, by virtue of spreading hateful rethoric against marginalized people, and by making and carrying out violent threats in consequence. And, by doing so, they reject any love that could be felt for them. And, at this point, insisting on showing love for them is literally allowing them to carry out they genocide.

Real peace can’t happen while hatred is allowed to carry out its threats, without being opposed. Real peace can’t happen while there be oppression and genocide.

If there’s real love in you, show it for real. Oppose the genocidal fuckers.With material help for those in need. With violence, if necessary. With direct action. With everything you got. Protect the people that need to be protected. Love the people that really need your love.

Unless, of course, if you care more about white supremacists, than about they targets. And, if that be the case, then do what you want, but shut the fuck up about your selfish, useless, pathetic excuse of love. Because that “love” can’t “trump hate”, whatever you may insist.

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