Fuck tankies


tankies tend to dismiss ANY criticism of they precious idols as “western propaganda”. NOT EVERYTHING IS WESTERN PROPAGANDA FOR FUCKS SAKE

it doesnt matter if it’s my native american ass doing the criticism, or if its someone who literally suffer persecution or starvation in them regimes (and i ain’t talking about former kings or any of that fucking bullshit, im talking about working class people and shit)

the whole “this genocide wasn’t genocide uwu because *insert excuses here* uwu” really need to stop

you can criticize them regimes without supporting western imperialism, the fucking soviet union was imperialist as fuck, and my native american ass is tired of this fucking bullshit

i’ve literally asked tankies who i used to consider my friends, if they dont realize that i would be a target of such regimes “of the people”, and ive come to not even be surprised anymore about they lack of caring, even if they try calling themselves my “friends”, or my “comrades”

although i cant publicly enter into detail, i can say that tankies have fucked me over bad in the moment of direct action, almost costing me my fucking life at least one time

tankies are not my comrades, gulag jokes are gross, and it is literally impossible to achieve human liberation through authoritarianism, its a fucking oximoron, and im tired of this shit

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